This Men’s Underwear Brand Has a Cult-Following—And Now They Have a Women’s Line, Too

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Tommy John has long been known for its comfortable, stay-put selection of men’s underwear and t-shirts. And now, the beloved basics brand is bringing those principles to its first-ever collection for women.
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These boxers didn't slide down, and they didn't ride up too much. I'd say a 9 out of 10 on holding their position. When I'm not walking around I tend to be parked on a ball chair in front of a computer, and that's a great way to test bunching.

Not bunchy at all, yay! I've owned these long enough to go through a few seasons, and can report on their fit under jeans. They are fine in my skinny jeans, or the fleece-lined babies I pull out to get through the depths of winter.

If you can bear the expense these are still WAY cheaper than bras for busty gals , I recommend you give a pair or two of these a try. I gave up wearing white underwear when I went off to college and I'm not a pastel pink panty girl either so I had to hunt a bit to find the Comfort Choice boxers in black. It wasn't too hard given I had an actual brand name to guide me.

These are thinner cotton than the Focxers, with a higher waistline and a slightly longer leg. They are really straight-up-and-down. The waist band is quarter-inch covered elastic. Right fiber, excellent color options, appropriate sizes, prices pretty much par for the course Shipping was fast items were in stock and packaging was good. These are some of the closest in boy-style and yet they do entirely away with any sort of front pouch or opening and really, that's sort of nice for reducing bulk in the crotch.

Waistbands do not roll down, but they are that screaming advertising logo all the way around that ultimately makes me wish it wasn't there. Legs are a touch longer than original Focxers but fit well and do not ride up too much under those skinny jeans I love.

This company wins on color options LOTS of great solids and they are domestic, which saves me gazillions on shipping from overseas. As of now, this is my go-to underwear. This is the Silver State's oldest and most-lauded state park. I've been camping here with a group in mostly early May for a decade now.

At first I was just attending this four-day fire circle gathering, but now I also volunteer and hold multiple roles of responsibility and oversight. And this year, as one of any number of new things I try each year to make my experience more pleasant, I compared the three styles of women's boxer briefs across three weeks in a climate totally the opposite of what I live in, in super-active conditions. I spent a week and a half at my fave women's retreat, then spent a handful of days in Las Vegas, and then hit the desert hard for pack-it-in-pack-it-out, with wild winds, temps and sand, sand, sand.

The lowest temps I was outside in may have gone as low as the upper 40s, with that being driven by intense wind. I know the one last April Saturday I was in Las Vegas, and out walking around slightly lost, it hit My Seattle-attuned-body just gave me the finger all day.

It didn't matter how much water I drank. I wore cut-off shorts, skinny jeans and had long underwear to supplement the shorts as an option. I had a garment that could be either a skirt or a shirt, and did both with it. And I had a couple sarongs. I had some boy cut panties for a couple nights where it was all about the psychedelic yoga pants bet you didn't know I was one of those, did you?

In the end, no pair ever gave me a total fail. This means I never had to stop what I was doing and "fix" my underwear or change out of a pair that had turned hateful. And given that we had limited bathing available, that's important. Under my cut-off shorts, all variants of boxer briefs were perfect. Just really happy campers. Because my Focxers are the older style with the shorter leg, they can actually do okay under those fancy yoga pants of mine.

The bold pattern distracts from any line left by the boxer leg, which is really slight anyway. Under the thrift-store, I'm-going-to-the-shower-or-its-boiling dress, I actually liked the ComfortChoice the best as they were the most leggy and lightest in the heat of the day. For sarong wear, the bold logo waistband of the GWBBs makes them more of a style liability unless you want to advertise.

To me, I don't mind if a logo waistband shows above jeans, but I don't want it with a sarong. So the ComfortChoices, with almost no waistband, worked well for pairing up that way. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hi, do you think that underwears from the kid section would be less pouchy?

I'm quite small so There is a new company that has super soft boxer-briefs. Vennin Clothing and they are Canadian made. I tried Tomboyx and I liked them, but they just seemed so plain and unsexy on me ha ha. Hanes now has women's boxer briefs in both 'boyfriend' and "mid-thigh" versions. The 'boyfriend' ones are longer than typical "boy shorts" but the "mid-thigh" ones are the way to go. You can find them at Target.

Tomboy is by FAR the best! I purchased vlez underwear and I couldn't be happier. They are so comfortable and incredibly soft. They're a little pricey, but the product is great and they have a wide selection of lengths, fabrics, and prints. They also come in extended sizes.

I wear women's satin panties every day in a plus size to fit my inch waist and inch hips. Lady Grace and Catherine's were great locations to make such purchases but they no longer offer them.

Where can one who loves to wear what women no longer seem to want to wear find panties, in my plus sizes, made of this exquisite feminine fabric? Having worn those miserable "tidy-whitie" male cotton restrictive briefs for many years I will never wear them again now that I've enjoyed the comfort, feeling and coolness of satin or super silky nylon panties.

I Need boxers to cover my thighs so they don't rub together but I am having trouble finding what i like I need waist 47 inches, inseam 8, length 14 or covering thighs , cotton fabric. I am 4'8 in height. I prefer colors like white,black,grey. I love wearing longer boxer brief undiespanties irk me like a tag at my neck. My biggest issue is that I can never find them in my size. So, to solve this, I've been wearing boys' boxer briefs and they are perfect. However, I have been wanting to find something more feminine, so I must thank you for this article.

Hopefully, I'll find something that fits. A bit on the spendy side but comfy as hell and worth it. I own nothing but tomboyx now and won't wear anything else.

PS just a customer not paid for the recommendation or review. I am plus size I tried the "boy shorts". I was sick of the chafing. I bit the bullet and bought a package of men's boxer briefs and I have not looked back since. I will only wear my women underwear for a dr. I'll never be uncomfortable again. Now let's just hope I dont' end up in an ambulance for anything.

I found this while looking online for girls underwear. I was hoping someone would be fed up with the current choices for their little girls like I am. I have two wonderful pairs of ladies boxers that are fairly short, but loose fitting that I purchased in about or Had I known the shortage that was about to ensue, I would have purchased every pair on the shelf!

What I am looking for is boxers that are loose fitting and not plus size Anyway, if anyone has any advice on where I can find, or the name of loose fitting women's boxer shorts, I'd love to hear from you. I am currently hooked on longer legged boy shorts which are generally snug fitting only because they seem like the next best choice but I wan't a loose fit.

Short or long does not matter, just so long as they're a loose fit. It's annoying we have to spend a lot of money just because we want comfortable underwear I have been wearing men's boxer briefs for years. Usually Jockey micro fiber. And women's boxer briefs are impossible to find that aren't too short, too long, or completely made of cotton.

I like the micro fiber, moister wicking materials. I want them to come just above mid thigh and to not roll up, AND I would like some in white also impossible to find. SO my search continues. Thank you for your research. Who invented these anyway??? I have a very strange body shape, my boobs and hips are about the same measurments but my waist is 10inches smaller and I have no gap between my thighs.

This makes any kind of bottoms hard to fit and as a result I can't wear anything that sits on my hips cause they don't stay up. I can only wear "granny panties" but it's impossible to find anything with a long leg to wear in summer under my skirts. I'm doomed to wear bulky bike shorts which actually make me feel hotter. Hopefully I'll find something from the brands you've suggest, if not I may have to try wearing guys undies.

Perhaps you should make some suitable undies, I'd pay to get them posted to Australia: Very nice article, I have been in the same predicament, have you heard of Foxers, they have a bunch of different styles that are made of soft cotton.

Spent most of this morning looking for womens boxer briefs. It's hilarious to google and find so many womyn on this same quest. Can't wait for my TomboyX to arrive.

I then found GWBB; so glad to find them reviewed here. Thank you for your research! I'm going on a cross country motorcycle trip this summer and have been searching for real, cotton women's boxers that breathe and reduce the whole rash, infection war that is so common with the polyester 'pretty' underwear that were designed to look pretty- never functional!

Then again, I'd like to not have to hunt for good underwear at all. They should be easier to find! DT, it just got cold enough for it to be necessary to wear long underwear under my jeans and over my boxers now.

It's obvious there are a LOT of us who are looking for this type of underwear. Thanks for the feedback, Phantom! I have lost some weight over the last year and need to get some new sizes and see which styles fit me the best with my new size and shape.

Thanx for this read. I was really surprised when I searched this so much would pop up. I'm going to definitely look for these brands. I took the the challenge ordered a couple pairs of boxers.. I feel ir pain.. Lol I just don't understand why it's so difficult for women to get comfortable boxers lol.

Thank you for all this research. I've been considering having some underwear custom made just so I could get all cotton and no elastic in the leg band areas where it causes a rash. Boy shorts have worked somewhat but always ride up. I don't know which I'll try first, but since I tend to stay in pajamas just to keep from wearing underwear, I'm willing to invest in whatever I can to find comfy undies.

Now, if you can only find me a bra that doesn't roll, bunch, ride, etc. I tried two of the bands that you recommended. The first one was the Comfort Choice boxer briefs. They feel more like shorts and are very comfortable to wear. Though everything may not be orange, this brand puts it's heart into every garment.

M8mate - Ukranian M8mate underwear has been around for three years. The underwear is handmade. The brand prides itself off of it's fabrications as well as its photos. Skiny Underwear - Austria Skiny is a lifestyle underwear brand from Austria. One of its mantras is that it doesn't serve age, it serves attitudes. Press Mens Underwear - Hungary J. Press is a Hungarian brand that is focused on basic looks. It also prides itself with its high quality costumer service.

Lodoli - Croatia Lodolia is a creative brand from Croatia. Its designs range from wide waistbands to fun colors and prints. They have something for everyone. Ballbra boxer, so sexy… Want!!! November 6, at

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When I looked into the brand more, I found that it actually had two patents in the concept of melding traditional lace women's panties with the band of men's style boxers for a pair of underwear. The Best Women’s Underwear to Buy in Bulk on Amazon The Best Women’s Underwear to Buy in Bul Not only do I love Commando-brand underwear for myself, but for my celebrity clients as well. Get free Shipping on women's lingerie at Bare Necessities. Shop our huge selection of lingerie, bras, panties, men's underwear and more from the best brands!