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Buying your baby's first shoes Baby development; Baby; 1 Make sure you feel comfortable with the shop and the fitting staff. Gently press on the front of the shoe and if you can feel your baby’s toe against your fingers it’s time for a new pair. Spotting problems.
When you are brainstorming shoe store names, it’s important to take your time and not rush through the process. In other words, kick off your shoes, sit down, grab a drink and a snack, and settle in for some hard-core brainstorming.
These Atlanta area children's shoe stores offer stylish children's shoes for active children as well as help with sizing your baby or toddler for their first pair of shoes. Most of these shoes stores sell brand name athletic footware, children's dress shoes, winter boots, casual shoes, and even flip flops.
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Here are some questions to help you through the process: How will people be finding and buying from you? Will they be buying online? This will affect who your customer base is, and accordingly, your name.

Are you in a big city? Again, this is all about knowing your customer their expectations. What do you know about your ideal client? Is she a runner? Is he a businessman? Where do they usually buy shoes? Learn as much as you can so you can tailor your store to those people.

How does your competition look? What are other shoe store names? What are the laws in your area or nation about naming a new business? Do This, Not That. Here are some things that you should do while you're going through the process: Get outside help and feedback, especially from potential clients. Invest plenty of time in thinking about a name. Do research, both on your competition, general shoe trends, and retail trends in your area.

Understand how your ideal customers will perceive your name. How will it look on your website, merchandise, marketing materials, fliers, or social media? Use tools during the naming process: Think about the story that your name tells about your business. When people ask about the history of your name, what will you tell them? Spend money on expertise. There are exceptions to every rule especially for small businesses , but, for the most part, these kinds of names don't tend to age well.

For example, "Denver Shoes" might be hard to take with you if you expand to a different city and start selling accessories too. Specificity is good to a point, but be mindful of future growth.

Unless you're extremely skilled, you're likely going to make a word that's easily forgotten because it's unrecognizable. Find out what your competition is doing, understand who your ideal client is and what kind of words and names they gravitate to.

Come up with as many names as possible. At this point in the process, it's all about quantity, not quality. You're going to have some stinkers and some winners. Choose a short list of 10 or so that you like, and then find out if they're available. If some aren't, either come up with replacements, or make your short list even shorter. Come back to your favorite names. Say them out loud. Get feedback on them from friends, family, and potential customers especially this last one. Get a short list of 3 or 4.

Hire a firm to check them out to make sure it's legal to use them. Choose one, either based on market research, gut instinct, or the position of the stars. As long as you can back it up with some solid reasoning and can't find reasons not to do it, you should be good to go. Use your name or you and your partner's names if you're working with someone else. Many of the world's biggest brands are names. It's simple, it's you, and it's an easy way to be unique. Instead of using the word shoe or shoes, try thinking of words that are associated with your product laces, straps, heels, leather, tie, toe, etc.

Choose adjectives that help describe your ideal customer, like classy, uptown, elite, or extreme. Just be sure it's not so basic that it's boring. Use different kinds of punctuation too and make your name stand out in writing.

Choose a word that evokes a certain feeling, like Apple for simplicity, or Compaq for compact. Be careful with this one, since abstract concepts can be tricky. Use the location of your store, the address, the street, the direction, or other associations, like Windy City Shoes.

Again, be careful of being too specific since this might end up limiting you in the long run. Smash words together and see what happens. High Quality Baby Shoes. Add to Wish List. China Island Enterprises Ltd. Hong Kong Exporter, Manufacturer.

Seastar Craft Co Ltd. Ching Tai Great Industrial Limited. Baby Slip On Min. Baby Cotton Shoe Min. Champion Wealth Enterprises Ltd. Hong Kong Exporter, Wholesaler, Manufacturer.

Golden Mutual Guangzhou Ltd. Padders Hong Kong Ltd. Hamleteks Tekstil Sanayi Ve Tic. Put a sock in it. Your child's shoe, that is. When she tries on shoes, she should have on the same type of socks she'll likely wear with the shoes. This way you'll get the fit just right. Stick out your thumb, and use it to make sure your little one's big toe isn't bumping up against the inside of the shoe.

The best shoes for toddlers should allow for a thumb's width about half an inch between her toe and the tip of the shoe. If the shoe fits, buy it in that size. When buying toddler shoes, don't be tempted to go a little larger to try to get a few extra months of wear out of it. Too-big shoes are hard to walk in and could even be unsafe. If one foot is markedly bigger than the other, however, buy to fit the larger one. Watch your toddler walk in the shoe and hone in on the back of the shoe.

If it looks loose or slips up and down, the friction could lead to blisters. Pointy boots, clogs, and other high-fashion footwear may be adorable, but they aren't the best shoes for toddlers who are still learning to walk — they won't provide the support and stability a newbie needs.

Even when you have your eye out for toddler sandals , look for a shoe made of canvas, cloth, or leather rather than rubber or plastic , all of which are porous and allow air to circulate in and out, and also are flexible. You should be able to bend a toddler's shoe in your hand without much effort.

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